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Passed by many familiar faces.
These people, i can recall.
A life of watching various stories.
Though i don’t know
If my story was heard
Or if ever had one.

Non-existence is not new.
Days pass me by
Without me knowing
Anyone to share my story with.
Just a chance, for my horizons be open.
A chance to be remembered
Before i completely leave this world
And enter another one.
Where there is no hatred.
Where everyone is accepted.
Where discrimination is prohibited 
And where love is created. 

A place where you will never feel abandoned.
Where strangers are closely bonded.
A place you can never found here.

Now i’m about to begin my journey
To that perfect world, i know i’m ready.
I failed to leave a memory.
But it does not matter.

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Take your life into your own hands.

Image“Take your life into your own hands; otherwise you can be damned sure someone else will take it in theirs.” I got this line from this book, “The Scandalous Summer of Sissy Le Blanc” I just finished reading it and i should say this is such a good read. It’s about a girl who had been married since she was 17 and she never left town. She’s not happy with her life and kids but she’s not sad either. Maybe contented. I recommend this book to all those who are not thrilled by their own lives. It’s time for you to find your own adventure. Do not get stuck into something that does not make you happy. This book will surely help you and encourage you to go out and enjoy life. It’s never too late. Cheers to Loraine Despres!

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A Toilet Poster.

A Toilet Poster.

I went to my boyfriend’s pad and i was amazed by the poster on his bathroom wall just above his toilet. A Justin Bieber poster! Maybe seeing Bieber makes him want to take a dump.

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Instead of studying, i do this.

I just found this sketch on my notebook. I remembered doing this during classes. That’s how bored I was. Excuse the ugliness. I can’t make it more acceptable than that.

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Planning to Write A Novel.

From the title itself, I’m actually planning to write a novel. I know it might be too big for me but I’ve always wanted to write one ever since. I have already written ideas about that “novel” but I don’t know if the public will like it or something. Well to cut it short, it’s about a boy who had experiences when he was still young which made him gay/bisexual and a lot more other things connected to it. So I just wanted to hear some comments or opinions from my readers or the people who has the time to give me tips about this. Just write them in the comment box. I’ll be more than grateful! Thank you!

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ImageDuring Philosopy class, there was a question that marked that class. It is: “IS MAN BORN GOOD OR EVIL?” Both Chinese Philosophers made sense and i don’t know which side to take. The other said that man is created good because they are born with seeds and virtues that need to be cultivated for man to be virtuous. It can be cultivated through education. But the other said that man is born evil because man has unlimited desires but the goods needed to satisfy them are limited. And for those desires to be controlled, laws are enacted and education was instituted. These are according to Meng Zi and Xun Zi’s philosophies. Well, i really don’t know which argument is better, but maybe this argument has no winner. Well for me, a man is born neutral. Neither good nor bad. It is man’s choice to be good or bad or crazy or whatever they want to be. That’s because we were given freewill or the freedom of choice. 

We only have theories about how the world works because we don’t have answers to everything. The best and most acceptable thing to do right now is to accept each other’s beliefs until we have a legitimate explanation of everything.

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Tagged In – Blog Nomination



First, i’d like to thank Shaun for this. Check out his blog! He’s got great views about things.

Rules of the game:

1. Post these rules.

2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.

3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.

4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.

5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.





1. I put ketchup on almost everything.
2. I like wearing my eyeliner thick.
3. My wardrobe only consists of black, white, gray shirts.
4. I love dubstep and indie music as much as i love food.
5. I’m a big fan of McDonald’s even though they keep on telling me it’s unhealthy.
6. I can watch movies 24 hours a day.
7. I can’t sleep without my hand under the pillow.
8. I love dogs.
9. My feet are abnormal. They’re ultra flexible.
10. I have a boyfriend who is a rockstar named Steve.



1. Where were you born?
– In the Philippines.

2. What is your favorite movie?
– I have a lot of favorites including the Harry Potter film series, Spirited Away, Arthur, etc.

3. If you could go back in time, where would you go?
– Haven’t thought about that but i’ll be interested to go to Nazareth during Jesus’s time.

4. What do you like to eat?
– Just about anything tasty. I like Japanese and French cuisines though.

5. Where on Earth do you dislike?
– None particularly but maybe the places with a lot of riot.

6. Best song you like?
– Feed Me Diamonds by MNDR and Nightmusic by Grimes and everything Skrillex made.

7. What is the longest you have walked or traveled? 
– Maybe the 5km run during a marathon for a charity. 

8. Do you have a PC/Laptop/Netpad/ or Phone for your internet use?
– Yes, of course.

9. Who was your favorite Aunt or Uncle as a child?
– My Aunt Helen on my father’s side.

10. Do you like sport? If so, what type?
– Yes, i was a Taekwondo player back then. (Red belt)

11. Where would you rather be?
– I like it here in the Philippines but somewhere colder would be nice. 


Now, 11 new questions for the 15 people i have chosen

1. What is your genre of music?
2. Who is your favorite singer/artist/band?
3. How long have you been blogging?
4. Do you have any vices? If so, what are they?
5. Any religious views?
6. Have you been to Asian countries? Where? Did you like it?
7. Are you a student? Or already working? If yes, what’s your course/career?
8. Where would you rather live? The city or the peaceful suburbs?
9. Do you like poetry or do you get bored reading them?
10. Which clothes do you usually wear when going out?
11. Have you visited my blog? If yes, what do you think about it?



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Thank you!
At least i’ll be able to know more about you all. 
Please accept this award!


– Catrizia. 


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Smoking Area.


I sit at the cold metal bench. Thinking of what i should do. Something that can benefit me and others. I ran out of ideas. I am blank. The pressure is killing me. The silence i could not keep up anymore. Am i fed up? I don’t know. Trying to be careful of what i should say. For it might lead to something I’m not expecting. It felt heavy. Like carrying tons of madness on my shoulder. I want to lift them all up and throw them in a huge garbage bin. Well somehow this is helping. I feel the nicotine helping me get through this. Maybe a little more and i will feel light again. This was a nice idea, getting out. 

As i read what i have written, I’ve noticed that the main point is unclear. ‘Cause my mind is. 

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Blurred depression.

Blurred depression.

As you can see i was trying to draw something worth looking at. Well i don’t know if this is worth it but yeah my apologies for being a frustrated artist.

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A Beautiful Mess.



I am the beach. I can feel my toes sink into the sand. I move them, sinking deeper and feeling the cooler damp sand. I am looking the farthest i can into the nothingness of the water. The sunset’s turning my surroundings orange and the breeze is running smoothly on my face, blowing away my hair and the comfy dress i’m wearing. I slowly raise my arms imitating how the seagulls look like when they’re in the air. I close my eyes and i felt a smile on my face. I think to myself, life is beautiful. Then i suddenly felt arms wrapping around me from the back, warming my body from the cool breeze. I felt safe and secure. We stayed like that for awhile and then i felt your kiss on the back of my head. This life is perfect and i couldn’t ask for more. 

And then reality comes knocking on your brain again and you suddenly wake up.

How can that beautiful dream end? Can’t life be that simple? Even if i can’t have all the luxuries in life, i know that i will be fulfilled with that simple and perfect life full of love and serenity. 

But yeah, no matter how much i wanted this kind of scenario, i can never get out of my ultimately chaotic life.


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