Almost a Night Without a Bed.

Well i was still out at around 1 a.m. with my boyfriend. We were just hanging out at a coffee shop. Thinking about doing a new podcast. We were brainstorming about the best songs to include in that podcast. Then after a while, we ran out of ideas. I checked my phone and i realized that it’s kinda late already so i checked if i have brought my house keys with me cause my Dad might probably be sleeping already at this hour. Well in case i don’t have my keys, i also thought of sleeping at my boyfriend’s pad but i suddenly remembered that their house is kind of a mess and lacks furnitures (including beds and all.) because they’re moving to a new place. So yeah i just searched for the keys in my bag and prayed that it’s there. AND YEEEEES! My fucking keys are not with me. So i texted my Dad if he’s still up. And i didn’t receive any reply. So instead i just texted people asking if i could crash at their place for a night. And again, no reply. So i have two choices right now. Either i stay at this coffee shop til’ morning or stay outside of our house til’ morning. Which is less brutal? I lost all hope. I settled on the thought that this will be a sleepless night for me. Maybe it’s not that bad to stay out for a couple of hours (or is it?) Well i got no other choice so be it. 

And suddenly i received a text. “Left the keys inside the flower vase near the door. Goodnight. -Dad”

 You will forever be my savior. 

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