A Change of View.



So my boyfriend moved to a condominium located at the 36th floor of the building. Everything is nice and beautiful. But the best part about this place is the view. The breathtaking view of the city wherein you can see millions of flickering lights at night and thousands of cars passing through your eyes. It’s just spectacular. And by the way, if you think that it’s noisy from up here, well it’s not because it is peaceful when you’re this high. You can barely hear the traffic noises. And as soon as you open the windows, you can feel the cold wind gushing through your face. I imagine doing this as soon as I wake up and I know that it feels good. Not only good, but great. Seeing the sunrise so near and feeling the wind against your cheeks will probably start my day right. I never liked the idea of living in a condominium but my perception changed. Well, I guess you can never be sure about something without experiencing it. 

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