I Don’t Understand.


At times, i can’t comprehend things or i’m just searching for some deeper understanding. I don’t know if i’m just stuck in a long long dream that had been lying to me all this time. Or maybe, there are some superhuman beings controlling our dreams and thoughts right now while i’m in a deep coma. There are never-ending guesses.

I don’t know if this is a dream and one day, i’ll just wake up having some other strange life. It sounds dumb and stupid but i can’t help but think of these things when i’m looking at ceilings or plain walls. And i wonder how we are made including all of the shitload of things. I believe in God, i’m not really questioning my faith, but can you really prevent yourself from asking HOW and WHY? Can that something so supernatural happen? I don’t get it. I have questions way beyong faith can answer. If God made us humans to take care of his creations, then why did he even make them in the first place? For his toys? I really don’t know. What does God do in his everyday life? Is he among us? Does he eat? Sleep? Does he even have parents? WHO MADE GOD? Before all of the universe and life, what’s in there? NOTHING? No one can answer these questions and i don’t think any scientific facts can satisfy me with enough explanations. I don’t even think anyone has neither one idea. 

I’ll place all these questions in my LAND OF FORGET. Someday, there will be answers. I may not b around, but there will be answers soon. SOON. 

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