Crane Sacrifice.


Many have been drunk,

lost, crazy, and flunked, 

on an unexplainable bliss called love. 

What it means?

No one can define. 

This ecstacy can be destructive

To wise men, fools, anyone

Who extremely gamble without knowing

How embracing or deadly the outcome will be.

The world, a carnival of varieties.

And love, a bright toy crane machine.

The overpowering urge,

To grab and hold tight

On that tempting eye candy. 

Even if you go home bloody.

A dozen times it will slip off

That mini metal hand,

And in a second,

Another coin is sacrificed.

For another chance to hold

The eye candy you long to have.

Every chance you miss,

More and more penny sacrifices made.

Until you’re left with nothing

But an empty dusty pocket. 

You may end up smiling,

Departing, holding the precious thing

Or keep staring, longing, wanting to own

The love that resisted your metal touch,

And stayed in the cage.

Keeping it as a barrier

Away from you and your insides.  

The end could never be foretold

At the beginning of a mysterious journey of trial.

Until the sand glass is filled,

Will you see your own self

Rise or fall at the foot of this ongoing ecstacy.

To some, a suffering they withstand for fulfillment and satisfaction

And to some, a rocky path or rainbows. 

That you would want to live with


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