Take me as i am.

Take me as i am.

If not, then get lost.

I have heard a lot of stories about girlfriends complaining about their boyfriends trying to change them and vice versa. If your partner met you that way and is still trying to change you, then ditch that him/her. If he truly loves you, then he must accept who you are. Except if there’s something about you that really needs to be changed. (You know what i mean) There was a time when a friend told me that his boyfriend wanted her to get thinner. But from my perspective, she is not fat or anything like that. And she did not have any weight issues until that asshole told him to lose some weight. And after that she just keeps watching what she eats. She’s exhausting herself from all the workout she’s been doing. She always looks tired. She did not look happy. She looked even worse. So what i’m trying to say here is that, you should not change yourself trying to please others when you know that you are perfectly fine with yourself. Another story i heard was that this girl is is being deprived by her boyfriend from her vices like smoking, drinking and all that. It is okay if the boyfriend is clean from those stuff. But no. He deprives her from doing all that shit while he does them. Quite unfair, huh? Just don’t live this kind of life. You’re not made to be manipulated by someone because you have your own mind. You have your own self. Grow some balls.

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