You’ll never be mine.
Even newborns have corrupted minds.
Sadists roaming streets.
Hidden corners filled with unwanted filth.

Current generation seldom readable.
Perspectives are all malleable.
Own social views gained strength.
Some were expressed, some were kept.

The violence just occupied.
The towers all just lied.
In this world so unforgiving. 
That martyrs die because of begging.

The hypocrisy they continue.
When change must start first with you.
You’re full of nonsense words, no direction.
You’re too well-exposed blasphemous, a disgrace in religion.

None can cure the cancer of society.
Even if the righteous wanted propriety.
Even if some are willing,
They won’t stop the killing.

A single being was thought a minority.
But their integration will form a huge body.
Altogether marching on the wide alley.
Lives being sacrificed for a remedy.

The end, no one knows if pleasing.
But at least a struggle..

To make the world worth living. 

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2 thoughts on “Innocence.

  1. sketchisms says:

    This is very moving.

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