A Beautiful Mess.



I am the beach. I can feel my toes sink into the sand. I move them, sinking deeper and feeling the cooler damp sand. I am looking the farthest i can into the nothingness of the water. The sunset’s turning my surroundings orange and the breeze is running smoothly on my face, blowing away my hair and the comfy dress i’m wearing. I slowly raise my arms imitating how the seagulls look like when they’re in the air. I close my eyes and i felt a smile on my face. I think to myself, life is beautiful. Then i suddenly felt arms wrapping around me from the back, warming my body from the cool breeze. I felt safe and secure. We stayed like that for awhile and then i felt your kiss on the back of my head. This life is perfect and i couldn’t ask for more. 

And then reality comes knocking on your brain again and you suddenly wake up.

How can that beautiful dream end? Can’t life be that simple? Even if i can’t have all the luxuries in life, i know that i will be fulfilled with that simple and perfect life full of love and serenity. 

But yeah, no matter how much i wanted this kind of scenario, i can never get out of my ultimately chaotic life.


photo from: http://www.weheartit.com

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