ImageDuring Philosopy class, there was a question that marked that class. It is: “IS MAN BORN GOOD OR EVIL?” Both Chinese Philosophers made sense and i don’t know which side to take. The other said that man is created good because they are born with seeds and virtues that need to be cultivated for man to be virtuous. It can be cultivated through education. But the other said that man is born evil because man has unlimited desires but the goods needed to satisfy them are limited. And for those desires to be controlled, laws are enacted and education was instituted. These are according to Meng Zi and Xun Zi’s philosophies. Well, i really don’t know which argument is better, but maybe this argument has no winner. Well for me, a man is born neutral. Neither good nor bad. It is man’s choice to be good or bad or crazy or whatever they want to be. That’s because we were given freewill or the freedom of choice. 

We only have theories about how the world works because we don’t have answers to everything. The best and most acceptable thing to do right now is to accept each other’s beliefs until we have a legitimate explanation of everything.

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