Planning to Write A Novel.

From the title itself, I’m actually planning to write a novel. I know it might be too big for me but I’ve always wanted to write one ever since. I have already written ideas about that “novel” but I don’t know if the public will like it or something. Well to cut it short, it’s about a boy who had experiences when he was still young which made him gay/bisexual and a lot more other things connected to it. So I just wanted to hear some comments or opinions from my readers or the people who has the time to give me tips about this. Just write them in the comment box. I’ll be more than grateful! Thank you!

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10 thoughts on “Planning to Write A Novel.

  1. averythorne says:

    Get inspired. Plan out your story ahead of time instead of rushing into it. Make good, likeable characters you find neat and appealing. Tadaaaa. Three good pieces of advice. In payment I’ll take your soul. 😉

    • Wow thank you! That is very very helpful. I’ll be sure to use them. Maybe you can take half of my soul because someone might give me an advice again and ask for my soul and i’ll have nothing to give. So you can take half haha. 🙂 By the way, thanks again!

  2. lauk62 says:

    Hi Cat! hope it’s ok to call you that coz i kinda difficult to pronounce your id name 🙂

    Well about the idea, if you really want to make a great novel then you should do some research related to the place where the story take places, to the characters on the story might look like, and to make a great sequence what kind of events that are going to discuss about in the story.

    However, above all this,, you should write in every chance you got, coz idea doesn’t come all the time. And when you write, don’t worry about the mistake or good or bad … just write it down, then wait 2 or 3 days to read it again … you will find it different at the time you read it, so there you will edit it easily.

    sorry if i speak too much… Look forward to reed your novel
    Best regard,


    • Hi, Lau!

      Yes, it’s okay to call me Cat cause that’s how people call me anyways. And thank you! I very much appreciate everything you told me. And I know that they will be truly effective. By the way, regarding the setting of the story, if possible, I want it in another country besides the Philippines (my hometown) but I think it will be hard for me to do that because I’m most familiar with my hometown. So do you think, it will be interesting if I make the Philippines as the setting? By the way, thanks again, Lau!

      • lauk62 says:

        to make the story goes smooth and even look like the real story then of course you have to fine the setting which you can understand in detail. So in that case i do think that it will be interesting if you take “Philippines” as the setting. you can also take some other countries but you have to decide which part of the country that you take and also you must take a research through google about the location. Unless you just take the other countries as the setting where the characters move for awhile. so you just menton the city or hotel without more detail.

        Hope this can answer your question.



        N.B.: Look forward for your novel

      • That’s a great help! Thanks, Lau! I’ll keep that in mind. Don’t worry if this novel pushes through, i’ll send you the manuscript first! 🙂

      • lauk62 says:

        Ok,,,I’ll be glad to read and to give some review of it. Keep in touch. and GOOD LUCK!

        ~ Lau

      • Thanks, Lau! Thanks a lot!

      • Lau Maoge says:

        You are always welcome. 🙂

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