The sight of that existing face.
The way you hold your love.
You marked me as fragile
That the pain in me
Darkens your tender soul
Swallowed up bit by bit.

Your hands grip mine in comfort
That very unspoken language
Promising a love so eternal. 
A myth they treated with doubts.
Showed me a heart so dedicated 
That you kept my fickle faith,
From possessing that limited line.

To deprave me from the glimpse of you.
Will induce me to delirium.
That the only cure is the feel of your arms.
Cuddling me with closeness,
Too affectionate it brings oblivion.

Together we make an odd symphony
That listeners can understand barely.
We merge so well, no one can tell.
What we want we do,
but we weren’t invincible.

Everything’s forever changing
Always inevitable,
But still being doubted
By some who were not adaptive
And willing to change roles.
But you and i will conquer
Every era of threats thrown.

But if the love is purest,
Then the mind should rest,
For the passing of the seasons
Will be an easy test.

You would be embraced eternally
But my tight grip can be loose, If you choose.
But to let you go,
I’d be a fool.

Our love will always linger.
That a separation is not an option.
We have found that indescribable ecstacy.

You’re mine and i’m yours as well.
At the start and end of the day,
I will FOREVER say..



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