My Grandma’s Death.

Nobody ever liked my grandma. She is mean to kids, she says things that should not be said and she accuses people for something they did not do. Sometimes we feel like she feels happy if someone’s getting hurt. She is a heavy gambler. That if she’s broke, she’ll really borrow money so that she can go to the casino. She does not behave well in public and does not know the proper etiquette. She acts like she’s so rich and treats people like they’re below her.

So yes, that is my grandma. She is I think 87 when passed away last Wednesday, April 3, 2013. Nobody here seemed sad about it. Well I thought I wasn’t too. But the funny thing was, when I was in the cab, on the way to see her at the hospital, tears just fell from my face. Because I saw that I’m still wearing the ring and the necklace she gave me. I’ve been wearing it since highschool and I never took it off. Then I recalled the times I spent with her and they were not all bad times. There were some good times. I was even her favorite grandchild. And even in the last weeks of her life, she keeps on calling my sister with my name. I’m the only one she remembers.

Rather than spending the time with her, I spent it hating her. Now I live with the guilt.

Rest in peace, Grandma.

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2 thoughts on “My Grandma’s Death.

  1. ANN says:

    i think its human nature to always take things for granted… so that we have something to regret for after.

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