The Fall.

The magic of the moment
Feels like you’re flowing with the current.
Day by day you’re wanted
By the unimaginable love you’ve founded.

Waking up seeing your image.
The pleasure that gives you courage
Suddenly everything’s insignificant.
And you know that he’s the exception.

The smoothness of the days,
Like life is not a race
Made the stone believe
That forever was conceived.

Then that forever passed.
Feeling like the love was full of rust.
Not even once you were caressed.
Shallow reasons caused the loss of tenderness.

Not one knew what happened
To that magical moment.
That the image you’re seeing
Is a completely different being.

The pain of the attachment
Causes both pure torment
When the only loved being
Leaves and keeps you tearing.

Now, that forever should end.
For they are completely bent.
Another push and they’ll end up breaking.


But keep believing.

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