The unlucky days.


“Life is beautiful.” Yeah yeah, this cliché goes on and on. But there are certain days that there is really nothing to be happy about. I know what you think. “Be thankful that you’re alive today.” Another cliché. That’s already given i know. There are tons of reasons to be thankful about but not necessarily happy about it. Do you get what i mean? I don’t become automatically happy from the moment i wake up knowing i’m alive. I’m not that kind of perky person. Well i guess you can’t be too lucky to be happy every single day of your life. And when those usual unlucky days happen, i just don’t like it.

They say that you should eliminate or do something about your stressors. But it’s not that easy as it is said. What if your stressor is not that easy to get rid of? Or can’t be deleted from your life instantly? Then maybe you just have to smoke it up.

I hope that when you say the words, they are automatically done in a second. Or maybe not done. But felt. 

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