I just heard that startling noise.
Little by little everything becomes visible.
It’s a matter of life and death.
Stand up or get beat up? 
Probably standing up would be better.
The problem? That soft, cushiony bed. 
Fuck its magnetic powers, right?
Oh well, gotta gobble up something.
Or hunger might bump into me. 
And i’ll have no change for a trip home.

Same routine daily.
I’d rather choose death, to tell you frankly. 
People goes in and out of our room of hell, 
And stop mumbling shit when they ring the bell.

Their words i can’t comprehend.
For unreasonable hours, my ears i lend.
But nothing can break through the walls of my brain.
Now all i’m wishing is a very hard rain.
But the sun seems too active. 
So later i’ll just push myself off a cliff.
Maybe it can send me in a dark sleep.

Outside i can see tons of temptations. 
Seducing me to go there
And skip these sessions.
Now i can’t help but stare at the trees.
Imagining that i was playing with bees.
Dropping me on a mountain of ants,
Dragging me to very large plants.
PLANTS! How i miss those plants.
The good times during those very bright days. 
Even the night was bright in that HEAVENLY PLACE.

Feeling like rolling on the floor
Cause they were filled with color.
Okay my name was called.
By that ugly old man who was bald.
Kept asking me to talk,
Like i even give a fuck
To all that rubbish words he’s throwing
To the gullible sheep he’s educating.
Being hypocrites just to gain that number
When that number isn’t the self-definition.
Thought your motto was to mold the minds. 
Well i guess you fail to form the binds. 

All the blame is not only on you.
But also to us sheep 
Who only wanted to go through.
Spreading the epidemic of mediocrity.
Branding themselves unskilled. 
But then the truth reveals
That the sheep didn’t dig deep 
Or didn’t dig at all.

The youth is the hope of the nation.

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