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The Cigarette and the Coffee.



The Cigarette went to the grocery store.
She was off to buy some milk and sugar.
For her beloved, the Coffee.

She was a happy one.
Very adventurous and outgoing.
Stress was not in the mind.
The sadness she always ought to keep away.

“I’m home!”, the Cigarette uttered.
Seeing Coffee lying on the bed
Watching his favorite films.
She was damn thrilled to see him.
“I bought you sugar and your favorite milk!” 
The Coffee gave away a smile.
The most beautiful smile in the world.
She took the Cigarette into his arms and kissed her.
He was happy to  have her.
To have someone giving him LIFE.

He in turn gave her a promise.
That he will keep her light burning forever.
He will never let that beautiful flame go out.

Every night is like heaven for the two.
The exchange of warm embraces and addictive touches.
And every night the Cigarette is asleep,
The Coffee offers the best cuddles.
But when she is already soundly asleep,
He’ll crawl away from that bed
And go back to watching his films.
He just can’t sleep at night.
The Coffee wasn’t made like that.

And in the day, the Cigarette will run errands.
She will be out working
While it’s bedtime for the Coffee.
And when she gets home tired,
She’s happy that Coffee was there waiting for her.
She accepted that Coffee was the laid-back type.
And he was made to do nothing.
For the Coffee was scared
That the outside word might spill him.

It went on like that for a long time.
At times, the Cigarette becomes very tired.
That the thought of smoking herself came.
She thought that a little hit wouldn’t hurt.
And so she did.

After times of smoking herself bit by bit,
The Coffee suddenly noticed that she’s becoming smaller.
So he asked what the problem is.
The Cigarette said that she was tired.
That a little help from the Coffee will do.
But the Coffee just apologized.
‘Cause for him, he can’t do anything.
And so the Cigarette accepted his answer.

She kept on working.
A rest and a fun time was all that she needed.
So she decided to go out with her friends.
The Beer, Chocolate, Rhum and Coke.
She asked Coffee to come with her.
The usual NO was answered.
And so she left.

The first thing her friends asked was, “Where’s Coffee?”
Turned out all of them were with their lovers.
The Cigarette was the only one alone.
And so she didn’t stay long.
She went home crying.

“All of them were with dates and i looked stupid cause i was alone,
Do you know how depressing that is?” , 
said the Cigarette with tears gushing through her.
“You are asking too much from me. All i could say is i’m sorry.” , the Coffee said.
“Every single time i feel that. I don’t know why i can’t even get used to it.” , replied the Cigarette.
The Coffee fell silent.
“I HAD ENOUGH.” , the Cigarette finally muttered.

She went to the bathroom.
Slammed the door before her.
She knows she couldn’t leave him.
She loves him too much.
But it hurts so bad to stay.
Now, she couldn’t resist to smoke herself.
It made her feel better.
And so she did.
Until she didn’t notice that she became smaller and smaller.


And she took the final hit.


“Baby, i’m so sorry, please come out now.”,
the Coffee said while knocking on the door. 
“I decided to make the change.
I’ll be with you when you need me.
All i need to do is to know how to balance myself.
A little spill won’t hurt.
I can refill it over again.
I’m ready to explore the world with you! 
I’m so sorry i haven’t thought of this before.
Please forgive me.”

And so he opened the door.

Only to find out a small cigarette filter.
The red beautiful flame wasn’t there anymore.
The flame was dead. 
She’s gone. 


He was silent.
Tears trickled down his face. 




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The hidden truth of being a rockstar.

The hidden truth of being a rockstar.

So i’ve seen this movie yesterday and i should recommend this to all the composers, musicians or people with bands. It showed a lot of symbolisms that you won’t realize until the middle part of the movie. It showed that there are tons of temptations that can lead you away from your priorities like drugs.

This is a movie that will show you the crazy world of musicians. How it can be a total carnival ride or a wild circus.

(The cinematography and Nightwish’s music will keep you entertained til the end.)

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Shine On Award


First, i’d like to thank for this 2nd nomination here in WordPress!


1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 things about yourself

4. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award and link to them.

5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award requirements.

Seven things about myself:

1. I love reading novels and watching movies especially indie ones and disturbing ones.

2. I am addicted to psychedelic, dubstep, and indie music.

3. I’ve always wanted to be a writer and a novelist but i didn’t have the guts to take up journalism.

4. I consider each of my poems as one of the most important things or achievements that i made.

5. I love burgers and pizza and milkshakes and everything fattening.

6. I cannot stay at home for more than a day.

7. I treasure my family the most. I consider my friends as my family. And i’m happily in love for two years now.



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I consider this as one of my treasures.



I’ve had this book for years. I think for four years, maybe? And i never wanted to read it. ‘Cause honestly, the book title and cover does not sound too convincing. Plus, it was the book that we had to make a report on during high school (which i made using answers from the internet). That’s why i never got a chance to read it. And when the idea that this was a book for scholarly use, i instantly became allergic to it. 

Then that day came when i ran out of books to read and the only thing that i never laid my eyes on is this book. So i gave it a try and read it. After reading the first few pages, all that i could ever think of is “How will the title of the book relate to this?” And so my curiosity ate me and i continued reading until i cannot stop.

I finished reading the book in a day with a few pauses staring at blank walls and just reflecting. (Yes, this book did it to me.) And i should say that so far, THIS IS THE BEST BOOK I’VE EVER READ. It’s more than beautiful. While reading it, you can’t help but substitute your own life into the character’s own and extract the symbolisms that it is telling you. It is full of life teachings without you knowing it because it was shown in a creative way. 

I’m just so thankful for that day when i ran out of books to read. ‘Cause that’s when i found the time to read this treasure. 

If you want to get inspired and follow your dreams, or personal legends, then you should read this book. Treasure it, and share to those people who need inspiration. 

Thank you, Paulo Coelho. 

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