This is beyond talent.

I saw this guy Baldovino Barani on the photo edition of my favorite magazine called Status, and he really did photos so amazing i can’t keep my eyes off them. He captured photos and moments so surreal that you might even think that it belonged to another world.



Since i became a fan of his, i looked him up through the internet. And i was amazed that he’s not as loud as i thought he was. There were few sites that contained his basic life information. I’m not even sure of his nationality but i think he’s born in Italy but he kept on moving from places to places. A lot of his work is on the net but i can’t find an image of himself. I don’t know his age. I don’t know if these works were made by an old man or a guy as young as i am. He is just so mystically mysterious. All i know is i can’t look at his work without deepest admiration. Because this is beyond talent. 



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