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Girls who wear skimpy skirts.
Short shorts revealing ass skin.
Tank tops showing breast size.
See-through dresses, like there wasn’t a dress at all.

Should not be judged.
Everyone has their own style.
A necessity for uniqueness.
I believe that girls should not be judged physically.
They have the right to be comfortable
In revealing themselves in different ways.
If every girl is dressed according to someone’s preference,
It’s like you took away their freewill.
If they a show a lot of skin,
That only means they have beautiful skin.
And they have the right to show it.
To wear whatever they want.
And they should be appreciated.
Not called with various undesirable names.

Every girl is beautiful in their own way.
Being human means having freedom.
Girls are human beings.
So shut it,



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Trees, silence and the breeze,
Quietly siting near the veranda
Facing the sunny ground
Where a concert ground was built.
The stage was fixed.
The lights assembled.
The foundation seemed unbreakable.
All the metals stood still.
People with yoga mats kept coming.
It’s an event of fitness, i guess.
I saw the pieces bit by bit.
Made into a whole.

I sat there.
Waiting for hours with no goal.
Noticing everything.
Appreciating anything.
Like the pigeons who flew together.
Amazing how they stayed in this place.
Maybe it’s because of the respect
The people gave them.
A private place.
Reserved only for the flock.
With a large sign that says, “Pigeon Feeding”
No wonder they never left.

It gives me a sign of peace.
Seeing these birds fly above me.
They are quite assured
That this place is safe.
That no one would do them harm
And instead provide them with enough
Aid for their survival.

I hope everywhere’s like this.
Same respect for all creatures.
Everywhere you’re assured
That you’re safe.
And not alone when needy.
So the earth could rest.

Therefore, there is peace.





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Cruel World.

I was too inspired by the strength and goodness of a woman that i had to share it with all of you. Her speech of acceptance will change the views of the world. That whatever pain and hurt you throw to someone who has a good heart, she won’t hesitate to forgive. And instead, convert those feelings into something good.

I suppose you all know or most of you know who Lizzie Velasquez is. Well if you don’t, she’s a 24-year old woman who has a rare condition that prevents her from gaining weight. And because of this rare condition, of course this affected her physical appearance. This lead to a video, calling her the ugliest woman of the world. She discovered that video while she was still in high school. She only wanted to listen to music on Youtube and that simple want lead to something undesirable. A big punch that lead to a big hole in her soul. She then read the comments and every comment was negative. No one even protected her. All the comments were suggesting ways how she can kill herself. Imagine being in high school, that very young age, and receiving all those words that can almost kill you. It’s like you’re walking peacefully in the sidewalk, and somebody just stabbed you continuously. I tried to feel her pain, but i guess it can never amount to what she felt.

Instead of putting a grudge on the world, she became a motivational speaker who can help those who are also in her shoes. And perhaps change those who are doing big damages to others with no reason.

What a cruel world we have. Judging everyone through their appearances without even taking time to look what’s inside of them. I just hope that when you are going to do something or say something to a person who doesn’t deserve it, think about it a million times. You might think that it might be no big thing. But you don’t know how it can affect the person or the victim. You don’t want to put a black ink on your soul because of something not worth it. 


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I’m too thin.

I'm too thin.

Yeah, i don’t eat too much so this is what i became.

NAAAAH. Fuck dietssss. I can just wear this jacket forever.

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