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Synthetic Series #2


Mind is fully hazy.
At times you’re crazy
Or maybe a bit too lazy.
Just can’t function properly.

Wanna deny reality
Just wanna get lost to the ecstacy.
Not ending life dully
Been crashing down lately.

No, don’t stop the crave.
Forever you’re a slave.
To whom will you surrender?
You choose your master.

Live in your delusion,
A place of elation.
Yearn for the intoxication.
It’s your only salvation.

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Synthetic Series #1


It ain’t the light.
Stop yourself if you might.
It will take you farther
From the right,
You might falter.

You think it’s heaven.
Up above it’s sending
You to that light
You were eagerly seeking.
At first a lovely sight.

You don’t wanna get stuck.
You’ll freeze like a rock.
Would wanna get out
Always the worst luck
In changing life’s route.

Once you’re in
There won’t be leaving,
No moving, no seeing
And no living
In that trick of the light.

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