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When the rose is dead,
The room red
And you’re alone in your bed;
It will enter your head
Why the rose is dead.

The lies and the cries
Became bigger in size
She slowly flies
Away from your eyes
Until the rose dies.

They did not anticipate
To become what they hate.
Thought they could be great
Wanted to start with a clean slate,
But it was too late.

Everything was said.
Both have bled
And the rose is dead.

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A mad man
In a mad world.
Mad for no reason
And mad for endless reasons.

Insanity enters
Your soul
Never falters
Like a ghoul
It lingers
To you whole.

Rid of all the madness
A goal you can’t achieve.
It always leaves you senseless
To the point you want to leave —

‘Cause everything is mad.

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Those who can’t bear silence
Have thoughts that are endless
All are merging and mixing
They need the noise to fill in.

So decide if you’re truly done.
If you want to be fully gone.
Leave the life so pointless.
Don’t hesitate, be reckless.

Be forgotten.

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