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My sole happiness
Lives in a far off land, how I reminisce
The deluge of his affection
So relentless.

Afar may be
On the map we see,
We can never lie
That we feel close by.

But the hope that tomorrow
Is a day we can borrow
To waste away the day
Running out of jokes to say.


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there is no mask


Scooping pigments for breakfast
Figuring out how the mask will last.
Don’t let it melt,
So no loathing will be felt.

Keep packing up the pigment.
Thicker and thicker ’til the brush is bent.
No, you may not see the skin.
I don’t want to hide within.

Keep staring, keep pondering
If I am still underneath in
That mask you are seeing.
I am not hiding.
I am the mask I’ve put in.


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young ones


The wind kept crashing against my face.
Will I bring it to a halt or to my embrace?
A question I’ve longed to answer,
But the lid of my brain seems tighter.

All of them boast that they have it figured.
When all I want is to get cured
From the madness I have suffered
That the world has rendered.

I have longed to see you
And the youth in the bayou.
Struggling against the current
And to those who weren’t,

To know it’s never the end
Even without commend.
The pressure will be stronger
Hope you hold on longer.


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In consequences you realize
To stop yourself in doing
What you truly despise
That is to admit you’re losing.

Your dignity and honor
Is what makes you they told,
But inside you is full of horror.
There’s never an option to fold.

But in thinking of your future,
You think you really have one?
Gives your mind full seizure.
That all you need
Is revenge to be done.


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