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Girls who wear skimpy skirts.
Short shorts revealing ass skin.
Tank tops showing breast size.
See-through dresses, like there wasn’t a dress at all.

Should not be judged.
Everyone has their own style.
A necessity for uniqueness.
I believe that girls should not be judged physically.
They have the right to be comfortable
In revealing themselves in different ways.
If every girl is dressed according to someone’s preference,
It’s like you took away their freewill.
If they a show a lot of skin,
That only means they have beautiful skin.
And they have the right to show it.
To wear whatever they want.
And they should be appreciated.
Not called with various undesirable names.

Every girl is beautiful in their own way.
Being human means having freedom.
Girls are human beings.
So shut it,



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Cruel World.

I was too inspired by the strength and goodness of a woman that i had to share it with all of you. Her speech of acceptance will change the views of the world. That whatever pain and hurt you throw to someone who has a good heart, she won’t hesitate to forgive. And instead, convert those feelings into something good.

I suppose you all know or most of you know who Lizzie Velasquez is. Well if you don’t, she’s a 24-year old woman who has a rare condition that prevents her from gaining weight. And because of this rare condition, of course this affected her physical appearance. This lead to a video, calling her the ugliest woman of the world. She discovered that video while she was still in high school. She only wanted to listen to music on Youtube and that simple want lead to something undesirable. A big punch that lead to a big hole in her soul. She then read the comments and every comment was negative. No one even protected her. All the comments were suggesting ways how she can kill herself. Imagine being in high school, that very young age, and receiving all those words that can almost kill you. It’s like you’re walking peacefully in the sidewalk, and somebody just stabbed you continuously. I tried to feel her pain, but i guess it can never amount to what she felt.

Instead of putting a grudge on the world, she became a motivational speaker who can help those who are also in her shoes. And perhaps change those who are doing big damages to others with no reason.

What a cruel world we have. Judging everyone through their appearances without even taking time to look what’s inside of them. I just hope that when you are going to do something or say something to a person who doesn’t deserve it, think about it a million times. You might think that it might be no big thing. But you don’t know how it can affect the person or the victim. You don’t want to put a black ink on your soul because of something not worth it. 


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The Cigarette and the Coffee.



The Cigarette went to the grocery store.
She was off to buy some milk and sugar.
For her beloved, the Coffee.

She was a happy one.
Very adventurous and outgoing.
Stress was not in the mind.
The sadness she always ought to keep away.

“I’m home!”, the Cigarette uttered.
Seeing Coffee lying on the bed
Watching his favorite films.
She was damn thrilled to see him.
“I bought you sugar and your favorite milk!” 
The Coffee gave away a smile.
The most beautiful smile in the world.
She took the Cigarette into his arms and kissed her.
He was happy to  have her.
To have someone giving him LIFE.

He in turn gave her a promise.
That he will keep her light burning forever.
He will never let that beautiful flame go out.

Every night is like heaven for the two.
The exchange of warm embraces and addictive touches.
And every night the Cigarette is asleep,
The Coffee offers the best cuddles.
But when she is already soundly asleep,
He’ll crawl away from that bed
And go back to watching his films.
He just can’t sleep at night.
The Coffee wasn’t made like that.

And in the day, the Cigarette will run errands.
She will be out working
While it’s bedtime for the Coffee.
And when she gets home tired,
She’s happy that Coffee was there waiting for her.
She accepted that Coffee was the laid-back type.
And he was made to do nothing.
For the Coffee was scared
That the outside word might spill him.

It went on like that for a long time.
At times, the Cigarette becomes very tired.
That the thought of smoking herself came.
She thought that a little hit wouldn’t hurt.
And so she did.

After times of smoking herself bit by bit,
The Coffee suddenly noticed that she’s becoming smaller.
So he asked what the problem is.
The Cigarette said that she was tired.
That a little help from the Coffee will do.
But the Coffee just apologized.
‘Cause for him, he can’t do anything.
And so the Cigarette accepted his answer.

She kept on working.
A rest and a fun time was all that she needed.
So she decided to go out with her friends.
The Beer, Chocolate, Rhum and Coke.
She asked Coffee to come with her.
The usual NO was answered.
And so she left.

The first thing her friends asked was, “Where’s Coffee?”
Turned out all of them were with their lovers.
The Cigarette was the only one alone.
And so she didn’t stay long.
She went home crying.

“All of them were with dates and i looked stupid cause i was alone,
Do you know how depressing that is?” , 
said the Cigarette with tears gushing through her.
“You are asking too much from me. All i could say is i’m sorry.” , the Coffee said.
“Every single time i feel that. I don’t know why i can’t even get used to it.” , replied the Cigarette.
The Coffee fell silent.
“I HAD ENOUGH.” , the Cigarette finally muttered.

She went to the bathroom.
Slammed the door before her.
She knows she couldn’t leave him.
She loves him too much.
But it hurts so bad to stay.
Now, she couldn’t resist to smoke herself.
It made her feel better.
And so she did.
Until she didn’t notice that she became smaller and smaller.


And she took the final hit.


“Baby, i’m so sorry, please come out now.”,
the Coffee said while knocking on the door. 
“I decided to make the change.
I’ll be with you when you need me.
All i need to do is to know how to balance myself.
A little spill won’t hurt.
I can refill it over again.
I’m ready to explore the world with you! 
I’m so sorry i haven’t thought of this before.
Please forgive me.”

And so he opened the door.

Only to find out a small cigarette filter.
The red beautiful flame wasn’t there anymore.
The flame was dead. 
She’s gone. 


He was silent.
Tears trickled down his face. 




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The unlucky days.


“Life is beautiful.” Yeah yeah, this cliché goes on and on. But there are certain days that there is really nothing to be happy about. I know what you think. “Be thankful that you’re alive today.” Another cliché. That’s already given i know. There are tons of reasons to be thankful about but not necessarily happy about it. Do you get what i mean? I don’t become automatically happy from the moment i wake up knowing i’m alive. I’m not that kind of perky person. Well i guess you can’t be too lucky to be happy every single day of your life. And when those usual unlucky days happen, i just don’t like it.

They say that you should eliminate or do something about your stressors. But it’s not that easy as it is said. What if your stressor is not that easy to get rid of? Or can’t be deleted from your life instantly? Then maybe you just have to smoke it up.

I hope that when you say the words, they are automatically done in a second. Or maybe not done. But felt. 

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An Unexpected Gift.

Who would’ve thought that this angel would come dashing through our doorstep?

Our family never had a dog. Ever. Cause my mom and my dad didn’t want one. But my sister and I are dying to have one. My parents and I always argue when issues like buying a dog takes place. They always tell me that I will not have time to take care of it blah blah. And so I just dropped it and never talked about it ever since.

But one day, my sister texted me telling that she has a surprise for me when I get home. And of course, I was surprised to find a dog at home. I even thought that they were just playing around with me because the dog really looked like my aunt’s. But turned out that it’s really a different dog. So I asked where they got it. And they told me that this dog was wandering around. But the dog got frightened by my cousin’s Golden Retriever and couldn’t move from where she was. Suddenly my sister opened the door to see what the barking’s all about. That’s when this dog entered our house. It hid behind my Dad’s leg and my Dad just instantly fell in love with it. So we decided to keep her (since we don’t know whoever owns her) until someone gets her. And at times walk her outside so that maybe the owner might see her. But no one claimed her. There are no posts of lost dogs or whatever.

Now she’s been staying with us for more than a month now. And I think there’s a law stating that if ever you keep a stray dog for a month without anyone claiming it, then it’s yours.

Everyone loves her here and she’s gotten fatter and more pampered compared to the time we first saw her.

Thanks for the gift, God.

By the way, her name’s Kree.

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My Grandma’s Death.

Nobody ever liked my grandma. She is mean to kids, she says things that should not be said and she accuses people for something they did not do. Sometimes we feel like she feels happy if someone’s getting hurt. She is a heavy gambler. That if she’s broke, she’ll really borrow money so that she can go to the casino. She does not behave well in public and does not know the proper etiquette. She acts like she’s so rich and treats people like they’re below her.

So yes, that is my grandma. She is I think 87 when passed away last Wednesday, April 3, 2013. Nobody here seemed sad about it. Well I thought I wasn’t too. But the funny thing was, when I was in the cab, on the way to see her at the hospital, tears just fell from my face. Because I saw that I’m still wearing the ring and the necklace she gave me. I’ve been wearing it since highschool and I never took it off. Then I recalled the times I spent with her and they were not all bad times. There were some good times. I was even her favorite grandchild. And even in the last weeks of her life, she keeps on calling my sister with my name. I’m the only one she remembers.

Rather than spending the time with her, I spent it hating her. Now I live with the guilt.

Rest in peace, Grandma.

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ImageDuring Philosopy class, there was a question that marked that class. It is: “IS MAN BORN GOOD OR EVIL?” Both Chinese Philosophers made sense and i don’t know which side to take. The other said that man is created good because they are born with seeds and virtues that need to be cultivated for man to be virtuous. It can be cultivated through education. But the other said that man is born evil because man has unlimited desires but the goods needed to satisfy them are limited. And for those desires to be controlled, laws are enacted and education was instituted. These are according to Meng Zi and Xun Zi’s philosophies. Well, i really don’t know which argument is better, but maybe this argument has no winner. Well for me, a man is born neutral. Neither good nor bad. It is man’s choice to be good or bad or crazy or whatever they want to be. That’s because we were given freewill or the freedom of choice. 

We only have theories about how the world works because we don’t have answers to everything. The best and most acceptable thing to do right now is to accept each other’s beliefs until we have a legitimate explanation of everything.

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Smoking Area.


I sit at the cold metal bench. Thinking of what i should do. Something that can benefit me and others. I ran out of ideas. I am blank. The pressure is killing me. The silence i could not keep up anymore. Am i fed up? I don’t know. Trying to be careful of what i should say. For it might lead to something I’m not expecting. It felt heavy. Like carrying tons of madness on my shoulder. I want to lift them all up and throw them in a huge garbage bin. Well somehow this is helping. I feel the nicotine helping me get through this. Maybe a little more and i will feel light again. This was a nice idea, getting out. 

As i read what i have written, I’ve noticed that the main point is unclear. ‘Cause my mind is. 

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Take me as i am.

Take me as i am.

If not, then get lost.

I have heard a lot of stories about girlfriends complaining about their boyfriends trying to change them and vice versa. If your partner met you that way and is still trying to change you, then ditch that him/her. If he truly loves you, then he must accept who you are. Except if there’s something about you that really needs to be changed. (You know what i mean) There was a time when a friend told me that his boyfriend wanted her to get thinner. But from my perspective, she is not fat or anything like that. And she did not have any weight issues until that asshole told him to lose some weight. And after that she just keeps watching what she eats. She’s exhausting herself from all the workout she’s been doing. She always looks tired. She did not look happy. She looked even worse. So what i’m trying to say here is that, you should not change yourself trying to please others when you know that you are perfectly fine with yourself. Another story i heard was that this girl is is being deprived by her boyfriend from her vices like smoking, drinking and all that. It is okay if the boyfriend is clean from those stuff. But no. He deprives her from doing all that shit while he does them. Quite unfair, huh? Just don’t live this kind of life. You’re not made to be manipulated by someone because you have your own mind. You have your own self. Grow some balls.

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I Don’t Understand.


At times, i can’t comprehend things or i’m just searching for some deeper understanding. I don’t know if i’m just stuck in a long long dream that had been lying to me all this time. Or maybe, there are some superhuman beings controlling our dreams and thoughts right now while i’m in a deep coma. There are never-ending guesses.

I don’t know if this is a dream and one day, i’ll just wake up having some other strange life. It sounds dumb and stupid but i can’t help but think of these things when i’m looking at ceilings or plain walls. And i wonder how we are made including all of the shitload of things. I believe in God, i’m not really questioning my faith, but can you really prevent yourself from asking HOW and WHY? Can that something so supernatural happen? I don’t get it. I have questions way beyong faith can answer. If God made us humans to take care of his creations, then why did he even make them in the first place? For his toys? I really don’t know. What does God do in his everyday life? Is he among us? Does he eat? Sleep? Does he even have parents? WHO MADE GOD? Before all of the universe and life, what’s in there? NOTHING? No one can answer these questions and i don’t think any scientific facts can satisfy me with enough explanations. I don’t even think anyone has neither one idea. 

I’ll place all these questions in my LAND OF FORGET. Someday, there will be answers. I may not b around, but there will be answers soon. SOON. 

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