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Morning rush? What morning rush?

This is Talamak by Toro Y Moi.

The best song to listen to in the morning if you just want to feel relaxed and un-rushed. It can take your stresses away especially when you’re feeling hassled in the morning.

Listen to his other songs like So Many Details. He’s got the best songs in making you feel laidback.


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Let this transport you somewhere else.

If you’re relaxed and just wanna chill, or in a totally different or weird mood, this suits you. ‘Cause this will take your mind in a place you can only imagine.

My favorite song right now. Although this is not a new song. I should tell you that once you liked Grimes, you’ll forever be addicted to her. Anyways, this ones entitled Crystal Ball.

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I am thrilled.

I am thrilled.

After writing an entry about the Avant Garde of Experimental Music, i didn’t know that i’ll EVER have a chance to see Grimes perform live. Well, guess what.. I’M SEEING HER TOMORROW and i’m so frantic right now. Hopefully, i’ll get to have a meet and greet moment before the show ends.

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Avant Garde of Experimental Music


If you love listening to music that is out of this world or will take you out of your senses, well you should probably know this Canadian artist. Her name is Claire Boucher, popularly known as GRIMES. 

I am not promoting her in any way but i’m such a big fan of her and i think a lot of people will be too if they had a chance to listen to her work. It started when i first heard her song, Oblivion. Cause i’m really into indie music and i have a tendency to obsess over these kinds of artists especially if they’re that good. Well she’s not that known here in the Philippines so i told some of my friends about her and yeah not everyone appreciates her music. Some find her work weird and creepy. Maybe they’re just not a part of our dimension yet. You know what i mean. 

Bottom line is… JUST CHECK HER OUT. 

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