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Trees, silence and the breeze,
Quietly siting near the veranda
Facing the sunny ground
Where a concert ground was built.
The stage was fixed.
The lights assembled.
The foundation seemed unbreakable.
All the metals stood still.
People with yoga mats kept coming.
It’s an event of fitness, i guess.
I saw the pieces bit by bit.
Made into a whole.

I sat there.
Waiting for hours with no goal.
Noticing everything.
Appreciating anything.
Like the pigeons who flew together.
Amazing how they stayed in this place.
Maybe it’s because of the respect
The people gave them.
A private place.
Reserved only for the flock.
With a large sign that says, “Pigeon Feeding”
No wonder they never left.

It gives me a sign of peace.
Seeing these birds fly above me.
They are quite assured
That this place is safe.
That no one would do them harm
And instead provide them with enough
Aid for their survival.

I hope everywhere’s like this.
Same respect for all creatures.
Everywhere you’re assured
That you’re safe.
And not alone when needy.
So the earth could rest.

Therefore, there is peace.





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I just heard that startling noise.
Little by little everything becomes visible.
It’s a matter of life and death.
Stand up or get beat up? 
Probably standing up would be better.
The problem? That soft, cushiony bed. 
Fuck its magnetic powers, right?
Oh well, gotta gobble up something.
Or hunger might bump into me. 
And i’ll have no change for a trip home.

Same routine daily.
I’d rather choose death, to tell you frankly. 
People goes in and out of our room of hell, 
And stop mumbling shit when they ring the bell.

Their words i can’t comprehend.
For unreasonable hours, my ears i lend.
But nothing can break through the walls of my brain.
Now all i’m wishing is a very hard rain.
But the sun seems too active. 
So later i’ll just push myself off a cliff.
Maybe it can send me in a dark sleep.

Outside i can see tons of temptations. 
Seducing me to go there
And skip these sessions.
Now i can’t help but stare at the trees.
Imagining that i was playing with bees.
Dropping me on a mountain of ants,
Dragging me to very large plants.
PLANTS! How i miss those plants.
The good times during those very bright days. 
Even the night was bright in that HEAVENLY PLACE.

Feeling like rolling on the floor
Cause they were filled with color.
Okay my name was called.
By that ugly old man who was bald.
Kept asking me to talk,
Like i even give a fuck
To all that rubbish words he’s throwing
To the gullible sheep he’s educating.
Being hypocrites just to gain that number
When that number isn’t the self-definition.
Thought your motto was to mold the minds. 
Well i guess you fail to form the binds. 

All the blame is not only on you.
But also to us sheep 
Who only wanted to go through.
Spreading the epidemic of mediocrity.
Branding themselves unskilled. 
But then the truth reveals
That the sheep didn’t dig deep 
Or didn’t dig at all.

The youth is the hope of the nation.

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The blackness, the darkness
Searching for its familiarity.
I can’t quite find
Then a dot of saturated light
Again, the image was not in the mind.
Then thousands of them.
The saturated brightness
I seem to comprehend.
Remembering the source of the light.
Oh yes, it was coming from the city.
I am home.

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The Fall.

The magic of the moment
Feels like you’re flowing with the current.
Day by day you’re wanted
By the unimaginable love you’ve founded.

Waking up seeing your image.
The pleasure that gives you courage
Suddenly everything’s insignificant.
And you know that he’s the exception.

The smoothness of the days,
Like life is not a race
Made the stone believe
That forever was conceived.

Then that forever passed.
Feeling like the love was full of rust.
Not even once you were caressed.
Shallow reasons caused the loss of tenderness.

Not one knew what happened
To that magical moment.
That the image you’re seeing
Is a completely different being.

The pain of the attachment
Causes both pure torment
When the only loved being
Leaves and keeps you tearing.

Now, that forever should end.
For they are completely bent.
Another push and they’ll end up breaking.


But keep believing.

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The sight of that existing face.
The way you hold your love.
You marked me as fragile
That the pain in me
Darkens your tender soul
Swallowed up bit by bit.

Your hands grip mine in comfort
That very unspoken language
Promising a love so eternal. 
A myth they treated with doubts.
Showed me a heart so dedicated 
That you kept my fickle faith,
From possessing that limited line.

To deprave me from the glimpse of you.
Will induce me to delirium.
That the only cure is the feel of your arms.
Cuddling me with closeness,
Too affectionate it brings oblivion.

Together we make an odd symphony
That listeners can understand barely.
We merge so well, no one can tell.
What we want we do,
but we weren’t invincible.

Everything’s forever changing
Always inevitable,
But still being doubted
By some who were not adaptive
And willing to change roles.
But you and i will conquer
Every era of threats thrown.

But if the love is purest,
Then the mind should rest,
For the passing of the seasons
Will be an easy test.

You would be embraced eternally
But my tight grip can be loose, If you choose.
But to let you go,
I’d be a fool.

Our love will always linger.
That a separation is not an option.
We have found that indescribable ecstacy.

You’re mine and i’m yours as well.
At the start and end of the day,
I will FOREVER say..



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Passed by many familiar faces.
These people, i can recall.
A life of watching various stories.
Though i don’t know
If my story was heard
Or if ever had one.

Non-existence is not new.
Days pass me by
Without me knowing
Anyone to share my story with.
Just a chance, for my horizons be open.
A chance to be remembered
Before i completely leave this world
And enter another one.
Where there is no hatred.
Where everyone is accepted.
Where discrimination is prohibited 
And where love is created. 

A place where you will never feel abandoned.
Where strangers are closely bonded.
A place you can never found here.

Now i’m about to begin my journey
To that perfect world, i know i’m ready.
I failed to leave a memory.
But it does not matter.

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You’ll never be mine.
Even newborns have corrupted minds.
Sadists roaming streets.
Hidden corners filled with unwanted filth.

Current generation seldom readable.
Perspectives are all malleable.
Own social views gained strength.
Some were expressed, some were kept.

The violence just occupied.
The towers all just lied.
In this world so unforgiving. 
That martyrs die because of begging.

The hypocrisy they continue.
When change must start first with you.
You’re full of nonsense words, no direction.
You’re too well-exposed blasphemous, a disgrace in religion.

None can cure the cancer of society.
Even if the righteous wanted propriety.
Even if some are willing,
They won’t stop the killing.

A single being was thought a minority.
But their integration will form a huge body.
Altogether marching on the wide alley.
Lives being sacrificed for a remedy.

The end, no one knows if pleasing.
But at least a struggle..

To make the world worth living. 

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The blackness, the darkness

Searching for its familiarity.

I can’t quite find.

Then a dot of saturated light.

Again, the image was not in the mind.

Then thousands of them.

The saturated brightness

I seem to comprehend.

Remembering the source of the light.

Oh yes, it was coming from the city.


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Crane Sacrifice.


Many have been drunk,

lost, crazy, and flunked, 

on an unexplainable bliss called love. 

What it means?

No one can define. 

This ecstacy can be destructive

To wise men, fools, anyone

Who extremely gamble without knowing

How embracing or deadly the outcome will be.

The world, a carnival of varieties.

And love, a bright toy crane machine.

The overpowering urge,

To grab and hold tight

On that tempting eye candy. 

Even if you go home bloody.

A dozen times it will slip off

That mini metal hand,

And in a second,

Another coin is sacrificed.

For another chance to hold

The eye candy you long to have.

Every chance you miss,

More and more penny sacrifices made.

Until you’re left with nothing

But an empty dusty pocket. 

You may end up smiling,

Departing, holding the precious thing

Or keep staring, longing, wanting to own

The love that resisted your metal touch,

And stayed in the cage.

Keeping it as a barrier

Away from you and your insides.  

The end could never be foretold

At the beginning of a mysterious journey of trial.

Until the sand glass is filled,

Will you see your own self

Rise or fall at the foot of this ongoing ecstacy.

To some, a suffering they withstand for fulfillment and satisfaction

And to some, a rocky path or rainbows. 

That you would want to live with


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Dark Carnival.


A carnival so dark yet fun.

The gloomy eyes and smiles of children everywhere.

Handcuffed to their shadowy guardians.

Poor stitch-mouthed kids.

Felt the ferris wheel move.

I was higher and higher.

Unstoppable excitement rushed through me.

Heard a sudden distortion. 

In a bit my chains broke.

The wind went gushing on my face

And the ground was becoming nearer. 

Oh, i was falling. 

The grass was an inch away.

I expected blood.

Then i saw the morning light.

My body feels a thousand tons heavy.

Responsibilities entered my mind.

Oh well, i remembered a carnival.

i’m not sure why. 

Guess i have to move on.

The next doze will be another episode.

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