My sole happiness
Lives in a far off land, how I reminisce
The deluge of his affection
So relentless.

Afar may be
On the map we see,
We can never lie
That we feel close by.

But the hope that tomorrow
Is a day we can borrow
To waste away the day
Running out of jokes to say.


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there is no mask


Scooping pigments for breakfast
Figuring out how the mask will last.
Don’t let it melt,
So no loathing will be felt.

Keep packing up the pigment.
Thicker and thicker ’til the brush is bent.
No, you may not see the skin.
I don’t want to hide within.

Keep staring, keep pondering
If I am still underneath in
That mask you are seeing.
I am not hiding.
I am the mask I’ve put in.


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In consequences you realize
To stop yourself in doing
What you truly despise
That is to admit you’re losing.

Your dignity and honor
Is what makes you they told,
But inside you is full of horror.
There’s never an option to fold.

But in thinking of your future,
You think you really have one?
Gives your mind full seizure.
That all you need
Is revenge to be done.


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Synthetic Series #1


It ain’t the light.
Stop yourself if you might.
It will take you farther
From the right,
You might falter.

You think it’s heaven.
Up above it’s sending
You to that light
You were eagerly seeking.
At first a lovely sight.

You don’t wanna get stuck.
You’ll freeze like a rock.
Would wanna get out
Always the worst luck
In changing life’s route.

Once you’re in
There won’t be leaving,
No moving, no seeing
And no living
In that trick of the light.

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I’m on the brink of breaking.
I can see the cracks spreading,
A day-by-day sight.
I’m holding on to my whole self tightly.
Feeling exposed and naked
When bitty parts of me fall.
I used to be hard and tight.
So strong, as if nothing could break me.
But now the seasons passed,
All of me is being tested.
More beatings of them and
I asssure my collapse.

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I’m too thin.

I'm too thin.

Yeah, i don’t eat too much so this is what i became.

NAAAAH. Fuck dietssss. I can just wear this jacket forever.

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A little piece of my retreat.

A little piece of my retreat.

I used to jog here everyday, every morning during my summer vacation. Since last year, i never went back here again. That’s because it already had walls. I think it’s being made into a private property.

It’s just so sad for me because i loved this place. It gave me fresh air. You can feel the cold morning dew. It made my mind more open. It made me inspired. And of course, it helped in making me fit.

Now that it’s gone, i should find another sanctuary. A place that can do me a lot. Like what this place has done for me. I guess i should thank this beautiful garden because it deserves it. So, thank you.

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The hidden truth of being a rockstar.

The hidden truth of being a rockstar.

So i’ve seen this movie yesterday and i should recommend this to all the composers, musicians or people with bands. It showed a lot of symbolisms that you won’t realize until the middle part of the movie. It showed that there are tons of temptations that can lead you away from your priorities like drugs.

This is a movie that will show you the crazy world of musicians. How it can be a total carnival ride or a wild circus.

(The cinematography and Nightwish’s music will keep you entertained til the end.)

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An Unexpected Gift.

Who would’ve thought that this angel would come dashing through our doorstep?

Our family never had a dog. Ever. Cause my mom and my dad didn’t want one. But my sister and I are dying to have one. My parents and I always argue when issues like buying a dog takes place. They always tell me that I will not have time to take care of it blah blah. And so I just dropped it and never talked about it ever since.

But one day, my sister texted me telling that she has a surprise for me when I get home. And of course, I was surprised to find a dog at home. I even thought that they were just playing around with me because the dog really looked like my aunt’s. But turned out that it’s really a different dog. So I asked where they got it. And they told me that this dog was wandering around. But the dog got frightened by my cousin’s Golden Retriever and couldn’t move from where she was. Suddenly my sister opened the door to see what the barking’s all about. That’s when this dog entered our house. It hid behind my Dad’s leg and my Dad just instantly fell in love with it. So we decided to keep her (since we don’t know whoever owns her) until someone gets her. And at times walk her outside so that maybe the owner might see her. But no one claimed her. There are no posts of lost dogs or whatever.

Now she’s been staying with us for more than a month now. And I think there’s a law stating that if ever you keep a stray dog for a month without anyone claiming it, then it’s yours.

Everyone loves her here and she’s gotten fatter and more pampered compared to the time we first saw her.

Thanks for the gift, God.

By the way, her name’s Kree.

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A Toilet Poster.

A Toilet Poster.

I went to my boyfriend’s pad and i was amazed by the poster on his bathroom wall just above his toilet. A Justin Bieber poster! Maybe seeing Bieber makes him want to take a dump.

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